Hey YA!! Welcome!!

What once lived in our little Facebook Group ONLY, will now ALSO have a proper web presence via Team 613 brand spanking new website!! Could not be more excited! WELCOME!!

We are a closed community of like-minded families and people who LOVE going out BUT don’t want to break the bank. SOOO we unite and together reap the benefit of enjoying what our world has to offer at the best family friendly prices: Broadway, Museums, Attractions, Sports, Zoos, Parks and MORE.

Team 613 is here to make your experience as stress free as possible. We plan ahead and try to anticipate or be mindful of holidays, school breaks, and special events. If you don’t see it listed please don’t hesitate to reach out! If there is interest, we will do our best to make it happen!

Please browse, register and invite others to join! Your family and friends are our family and friends… lets continue to grow and enjoy the world around us one show/attraction at a time.

As some of you may know, this website has been in the works for quite some time!! SOO much blood sweat and tears went into making it come to life! AND as much as I want to take credit for it ALL**…I must acknowledge those that helped me along the way! Vertina – first steps, introduced the right tools to make all this possible, thank you!! All Fantastic, who heard my cry and helped with outlining a better plan and pushing me to proceed…baby steps, baby steps, thank you Jon!! AND finally, the incredible Martin with YapaWeb who NO JOKE..BROKE everything to make it BETTER!!! Could not say enough good things, what you see here today works because Martin heard my ideas and brought them to life!! **The design of the website is brought to you by ME, soooo those (my husband) who say it can use some tweaking…I take full responsibility, will make it better with time…functionality before design was the decision I made 😛


AND of course, a HUGE thank you to my family (Husband, Kids, Pets), who patiently waited for me to launch and allowed me time off from Nor House duties to get this off the ground!


K8 Nor
Team613 Town Mayor
Owner & Founder