Frequently Asked Questions2019-04-15T17:34:07+00:00
When will we know our seats?2019-03-25T14:57:46+00:00

Seats are assigned in order of payment received, when seats are assigned your order will be updated.

Famelies sit together, if we are not able to accomidate your request we will be in touch to discuss and find the BEST solution.

Can we request specific seats?2019-03-25T14:57:26+00:00

Many times we only know the section and not exact seats, we get the lowest price possible and eliminate extra Fees. Hope that wins us some browny points and you will not hold not choosing exact seats against us.

We appreciate your understanding!

Can tickets/order be transferred to someone else?2019-03-25T14:56:57+00:00

Yes! They are your tickets, if they were not yet mailed you can e-mail requesting a change of address

IF tickets were already mailed and you need help finding them a new home, please e-mail. or post in our FB group to see if anyone else will be interested. We will do all we can to help!

**ALL sales are final, BUT we will HELP as best we can

What if tickets are LOST &/or FORGOTTEN?2019-03-25T14:56:26+00:00

OHH No, we truly hope that doesn’t happen, BUT if it does, we got you covered. Please e-mail with your Order # and we will do all we can to assist.

We will get you to the show, rain or shine!

Is ADA accessable seating available?2019-03-25T14:55:28+00:00

Each theater/venue has their own ADA accomidations, please make a note when placing your order or e-mail us prior to placing your order so we can confirm accessability and best option available!

Are tickets legit?2019-03-25T14:54:48+00:00

YES!! Of course, we stand behind each ticket and will eat our socks if anything was to go wrong ūüėõ

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